Search Index for Express Objects

Hi there, I’ve developed a site using v9 and express objects extensively. It’s a historical society. In all three cases, I use the Express Object List to give the visitor options to click any record to read more. The URLs are all fine but my issue is that the detail pages are not indexed in the site search engine.

An example URL that I would like to appear in the site search :

Any way to make that happen? Yes, I realize that I can manually create all the pages and install the express detail block and link them up … but that’s a ton of work. There are hundreds of records. Any ideas?

Hi @fridayphoto,

This is a good point, probably something Express should support in the future. I definitely recommend making an issue for it as a Feature Request here because I think a lot would benefit from it and I’m sure it would get some traction.

In the meantime, I think your best bet would be a custom search that searched the appropriate express object and then figured out its frontend detail page and linked to it.

That is the kind of problem this issue is aimed at resolving. Please add your thoughts.