Sent Emails Channel in Logs

Back in v8, there was a ‘Sent Emails’ channel in Dashboard → Reports → Logs - you could see and troubleshoot form issues. Now in v9, there’s nothing like it that I can find. Any pointers? I’m trying to troubleshoot a form issue.

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I think you used advanced search now, like so:

Thank you man, I knew there had to be a way.

When I look in my ‘Advanced Search’ within Channels there’s only two options. Is there a way to turn on ‘Sent Emails’? I’ve sent some form submissions.

So this drop down only shows channels for which logs exist. So if there are no sent email logs, the channel won’t show up in this drop down. At first my demo site wasn’t showing Sent Emails as an option, but then I assigned a email confirmation address for a form block and then submitted it, and then I had Sent Email as an option for Channel: