Session expires when logged in

Im using V9.1.1 with PHP Version7.4.30 and the Atomic theme. Once I had added the first add-on (which didn’t work so I removed it from my project and uninstalled it) my site started logging me out on its own for some reason- I can not stay logged in for more than a minute or so- then I get an error message saying that my session expired and I get prompted to log in again. any ideas why this is happening? I also just purchased another v9 ready add-on but that didn’t work on the site either- (got a black screen with lots of error codes and had to install a back up after that one) so not sure what’s going on with v9 from my end? thanks or any help.

@w2f are their any clues in your log files? What is your automated logout set to? You can check that in Dashboard > System & Settings > Login & Registration > Automated Logout

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Are you using Cloudflare or any other CDN over the website?

It might cause the issue as CDN IP may keep changing.

Thank You! :slight_smile:

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@jessicadunbar -thank you! that fixed it by un-checking the boxes regarding IP and browser changes. Was using my phone as a hotspot so I think that might have caused some issues at times. thanks so much- I am able to remain logged in now.

@parth0072 thank you for assisting- using my phone hot spot may have caused some of that- but also changing the logout settings seems to have solved the issue so far.

@w2f awesome, glad that did the trick! If you want to go ahead and mark Jess’ answer as the solution that helps others and gives her some good karma :slight_smile: Thx!

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