Set Date/Time Express Attribute Programmatically... unsure on method options?

I can’t find any 1st or 3rd party documentation on the options around setting the Date/Time Attribute type for an Express Entry programmatically. Right now I want to stuff the current date+time when the execution happens (of php script, etc), but when I try to do that (below) the value seems to be set to Unix Time Index “0” as opposed to the equivalent of right now.

            $entry = Express::buildEntry('redacted')

This creates the Express Entry “correctly” except for not setting the current time to actual current time. And in the future I may in some other function want to actually specifically define date/time values going in. And I cannot find anything I can reference that states what input syntax/data/etc is acceptable/expected. The “Something Date” Attribute is type Date/Time.

What should I be doing, what are the options for that function, etc?

Oh and btw I’m currently stuck on v8.5.12 for $reasons

Okay so it’s not documented, but here’s what worked for me and I suspect some other options may be possible too:

->setSomethingDate(date(‘r’, time())

The “r” value follows the functionality defined by PHP datetime format functionality, and parameter options/more is here : PHP: DateTimeInterface::format - Manual

I tried using the “u” value, and that produced the right date, but the time inputted was 00:00 regardless of server PHP timezone, or other such things.

With “r”, the value appears to be correct! I’m unsure if it’s based on the server’s time, or the website user’s time (I think it’s the server time? I’m again, not sure). But here it is! Hopefully this helps someone else in the future!