Share Your Concrete CMS Add-ons and Theme Earnings & PRB Experiences

Hello Concrete CMS users!

I would like to start a discussion on two fascinating topics that concern our community: earnings from add-ons and themes, and experiences with the Peer Review Board (PRB). I encourage you to share your opinions, experiences, and knowledge on these topics. I am sure this discussion will be inspiring and helpful for everyone.

  1. Earnings from Add-ons and Themes:

I would like to begin by asking about your experiences with earnings from add-ons and themes. Sharing this information can help other users better understand the possibilities in Concrete CMS and the emerging trends. Here are a few questions that can aid the discussion:

What are your sources of income in Concrete CMS? Developing add-ons, themes, or something else?
Can you share your general financial results related to Concrete CMS projects?
What advice do you have for those who are just starting to earn with Concrete CMS?
  1. Experiences with the Peer Review Board (PRB):

The second issue I would like to address is your experiences with the Peer Review Board (PRB). PRB plays an important role in the quality of add-ons and themes in Concrete CMS, so it’s worth sharing your thoughts on this topic. Here are a few questions that can help with the conversation:

Have you had the opportunity to collaborate with PRB? What are your opinions on this?
What benefits do you see in the PRB review process?
What have been your experiences related to past reviews and recommendations from PRB?

I encourage all Concrete CMS users to actively participate in this discussion. The more information and experiences shared, the more helpful this community will be. Thank you for your cooperation and participation in this valuable conversation!

On a personal note, my best add-on, ‘Add Animation,’ earned me $420, while my second add-on, ‘Zen Counter,’ brought in $31.5. I also sold a theme I created for $59.

Regarding my experience with the Peer Review Board (PRB), it was certainly very positive. The only aspect I could possibly nitpick about is the level of detail and the duration of the process. I would prefer if PRB focused solely on conducting a general security audit and ensuring compliance with Concrete CMS guidelines.