strangeness with

I just wanted to flag that some of the sign in process for and related subdomains seem a bit weird/broken at times.

  • if I go to and hit the profile icon on the menu it prompts me to login. After that, the icon doesn’t change, so if I hit it again I get a page showing that I’m logged in, but no redirects or other options. I have to refresh the main site a few times before the sign in icon changes to my profile icon.
  • If I select sign-out, it doens’t seem to work. The menu still shows I’m logged in. I have to try it a few times, maybe do a hard refresh to actually sign out.

And when I’m doing things like going to the marketplace pages to update add-ons, I find I have to log in multiple times to be able to get to pages I’m after. Sometimes it seems like sign ins carry between sub-domains, and sometimes not, and clicking back to the profile button triggers a login page that I wouldn’t expect.

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I get this too, especially if I log into my marketplace account on my phone, I usually have to enter my details and log in at least 3-4 times.

Yes same here. It’s pretty annoying.

Same for me. Multiple logins for each sub site and sticky logins are random.

+1 Here too. Can be very frustrating sometimes!

Yeah there are some planned improvements for this. I think part of this might be:

So it can get a little confusing at times.

That said there isn’t really a reason to login at or at this point fwiw. Documentation, training, marketplace, community, and forums are the main places for folks to log into.