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I’m encountering a problem on my site: wherever the site name or user name should be entered, it’s replaced by : %s
It seems that variable values are not returned.
How can I solve this problem?
Version 9.3.2 and PHP 8.1.29

Thanks in advance for any help





It seems that my problem is linked to a change in the database character set…
Is it possible that it’s the installation of a module that has modified the character set?

My database is in utf8mb4 (utf8mb4_unicode_ci) and in the Environment / Database character set tab, it says utf32 ???

And I can’t change the character set, I can only choose between different versions of utf32…

I have another instance of the site copied on another server, and everything is in order on this copy.
Unfortunately, it’s a different content on this site, so I’d like to try to recover the work I’ve done before starting all over again! (My site is currently under development).

You might try using the migration tool if you’re needing to get content over from the site with the incorrect charset to the site with the correct charset:

Thanks for the tip!
I’ll take a closer look.
In any case, I solved my problem by doing a complete reinstall, and as I only had a few pages of content, I redid them.
But I would have liked to know the reason for this change of charsert…

There’s quite a bit of history and technical discussion in GitHub about it. This discussion might be a good place to start: Use (only) utf8mb4 only if supported for keys by mlocati · Pull Request #7253 · concretecms/concretecms · GitHub