Site broken after installing duplicated Atomic theme

I cannot access Themes page to switch between themes anymore, after doing the following:

  1. Installed ConcreteCMS 9.1.3 on my server (added some content)
  2. Copied /Concrete/Themes/Atomik to /Application/Themes/Atomikc
  3. Renamed Atomik → Atomikc, atomik → atomikc inside above path
  4. Provided description.txt in above path and installed the theme (some error occurred)
  5. Removed /Application/Themes/Atomikc folder

Now each time I try to access the Theme page I get following exception
Illuminate \ Contracts \ Container \ BindingResolutionException
Target class [\Concrete\Theme\Atomikc\PageTheme] does not exist.

Restoring /Application/Themes/Atomikc does not bring any change.

How do I remove faulty theme completely?
I should have followed the official guide to duplicating Default themes first :confused:.

If you replace the override theme and update the namespace in the page_theme.php inside the theme that should do it I think. And clear the cache.

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