Site Down help

Hi. In need of help

We’re on v5.6.3.3 which is good until our host updates php.

But here’s the order of events that has transpired.

Something in our file structure seems to have gotten confused for whatever reason.

To clarify the sequence of events – if it helps:

  1. I was trying to figure out why I could no longer log into the website to make changes. We need to add something to one of our pages,

  2. When I went to the website to I noticed that the website was displaying error messages at the bottom of all of the web pages. I filed a tech support call with Hostpapa to find out what the message meant.

  3. They responded that the error was because we had gone over our allotted file storage so the site could no longer add or modify any files – including the normal ones that always get modified, like hit counts etc. I couldn’t even do a backup.

  4. They said that to get it working properly, we had to remove files. They listed out for me which directories had the highest file count.

  5. I could see that the largest file count by far was in the “email” directory. However, we do not use the Hostpapa email facility at all. All our Emme emails go through an entirely different server. It turned out that all of the “email” was crap that was going to a couple of people from the original company, even thought they haven’t been involved for a dozen years. So I deleted all of the email files. That should have had no negative effect, and I believe it did not.

  6. But that didn’t get us a low enough file usage, so the next directory for usage was the “files” directory. That directory had thousands of sub-directories, some of which dated back 5 – 10 years ago. I deleted everything that hadn’t been touched for at least 5 years. That resolved the file count issue.

  7. Unfortunately, that’s when the links to the graphic images on our website broke. The only thing I can think of is that I accidentally deleted a newer-than-5-years file somewhere that the website is referencing.

As far as I can see, all of the images that our website is referencing are still on the web server, but the links from our web pages to the images are not correct, so I hope this is a not-too-difficult fix for someone that actually understands how the site works.

Thank you for help and expertise on this matter

Backup before trying the below.

You can delete all content of
/files/backups/ (except for the most recent few)

Ballooning file resources can often arise from user php session files accumulating. Find where the php session files are stored and empty that directory. It may be within your host account but outside of the web root.

When you clear out all sessions, all users, you and any current visitors will loose continuity. If a site has shopping carts or similar, best to do this at a non-busy time.


If you need some assistance on this i can help.

The issue is you have now removed files and concrete is looking for them.

Do you still have access to all the old files you deleted?

That would appreciated! You have helped us in the past.

I do not have access to the files I deleted.

I can see however that files with the same names as the one being looked for on the various web pages are still available in numerous places in the file system. I am hoping it is just a matter of pulling them into wherever specific directory the site is looking for them.

Email me with the web url and I can take a look.

What’s the best email for you? Thank you in advance