Site keeps changing sitemap order


I have a website that has quite a few inner pages which are referenced in a pagelist block on the site (that have to appear in a certain order). On the sitemap, these pages spill over so i click the “more pages to display option” to view them. However when i move a page’s location it seems to change the order of the sitemap which is really frustrating as i have it set in a particular order.

I saw some outdated code about change the amount of pages which show in the dropdown and i’m not sure if this would help the order randomly changing? Obviously this code is now out of date so if any one could help me stop this happening that would be great.

I am using version 8.5.5 with the Modena theme (but let me know if you need more info regarding the site)

Thanks in advance

Hi Laura,

I am not fully clear on what you mean when you say you move the pages location? If you move a page then I assume you are changing its location in the site map.
The page list block has many options to allow you to customise what is displayed including the number of pages to show and how they are sorted. Unless you have it set to random then the order will only change when you make changes that are reflected by the sort preference.
Without more info such as are all the pages under the same parent page, are they all the same page type, it is difficult to offer you a solution.


Hi Colin

Thanks for coming back to me. Sorry to be clearer, when i add a new page under a parent page on the sitemap, i drag and drop the page so the pages are in alphabetical order - so it’s easier for the client to navigate their sitemap. However the sitemap keeps changing the order that the pages are in, and i’m not sure why. They are all the same page type, under the same parent page.
I would love to have the pagelist be set to alphabetical order but the client has requested that there are four particular child pages at the top of the page list, then the rest in alphabetical. To be specific, this is the page i’m referencing: Business Hub showcasing your services | The Surrey Circle …so at the top is Knibbs, Reigate grammar, Reigate st marys and chinthurst, then the rest of the page list is supposed to be alphabetical - so i’ve manually done this in the sitemap but the sitemap keeps changing the order (you’ll see it goes to S, T, V then A?!)

I hope this makes more sense?! I basically just want the sitemap to stop changing the page order!

@designbylaura I have a page list addon, currently in Marketplace Review, which you would be able to use to accomplish what your client wants. I’d be happy to send you a copy to try out! Send me a PM with an email address! Notify me here once you’ve done so. I don’t believe the Private Message notifications are working…

also, im playing with an 8.5.5 install and can’t replicate your issue. Is your page cache enabled and need to be cleared possibly?

or maybe a custom or theme specific template for the page list?