Site Not Loading

Hi all! I tried to load my site today and got the below error. I’m not sure what’s wrong. Is anyone able to assist please?

Take a look at the number of session files you have stored in the root/application/files/tmp folder, it could be that you have hit your inode limit.
You can safely delete all the sessions files in the tmp folder.

Hello. Here’s what that folder’s contents looks like. Could you kindly let me know if there’s anything there to delete?

If those files and folders are in your ‘application/files/tmp’ folder then delete everything except the index.html file

You will probably have to setup a cron task in your server to auto delete session files from that folder that are older than ‘x’ hours.

There is also the possibity that your server admins have screwed up the session_save_path, if they have then the folder that holds your session files will not have the correct permisions or the correct file path.
Might be worth asking them?

Looking at the line it failed on, screwed up server permissions does seem likely.

@QuintinCoetzee I see your site is loading properly now, can you let us know which suggestion worked for you (if any)?

Hello. Thank you for the suggestions. I contacted my hosting provider and showed them the same screenshot that is above here. They said they’d investigate. They then got back to me and said they think the issue was caused by PHP 7.2 and recommended upgrading to 7.3. Before I could even do that, the site started working again. Any idea what might’ve caused it? They said they changed nothing.

PHP 7.2 does have some stability issues but I suspect they did change something whilst they were taking a look for you and are now too embarrassed to admit it.

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