SiteGroupEntity does not exist err on Login action

I just logged into my site and it errors with “Class Concrete\Core\Permission\Access\Entity\SiteGroupEntity does not exist” on

I see a SiteGroups table in the DB, but zero records in it or SiteGroupRelations. Any suggetions?

|Installed Version|8.5.2|
PHP 7.4

Hi @mattydubs - did you attempt to do an upgrade or anything like that recently? I do see you’re on version 8.5.2 so definitely due for an upgrade in any case.

But just wondering if an upgrade routine didn’t run or something. Did you have multisite enabled?

Yes I’ve been attempting to upgrade. No answer to this unfortunately, but I’m sure it was due the upgrade process. Had to restore to an old version and start from fresh. Upgrade process has always been incredibly difficult with C5 :man_shrugging: