SItemap and virtual pages

Hello everyone,
I have a problem with the ConcreteCMS sitemap generator.
Let me explain: I create a real estate agency website. So I have a page with the list of announcements. I virtually create the ad detail pages. That is to say, below my ad listing page, I only have one “ad detail” page in the ConcreteCMS sitemap. I would like that when I generate the sitemap.xml, it has all my ads.
Sitemap in dashboard:

  • Home
  • Listing
    • Ad detail

What i want in sitemap.xml

  • Home
  • Listing
  • Ad detail 1
  • Ad detail 2
  • Ad detail X

I hope I was clear enough in my explanations, thank you for your help

I posted how to do this in another forum post a while back - Can google find dynamically generated single pages? - #2 by Parasek