Slack page

What happened to the Slack description page?

This URL is part of concrete/config/concrete.php

I am planning to send a PR to fix it.
I want to check which are the correct link.

TL;DR. One of client servers set proxy server, and didn’t allow redirect for some reason. I needed to set the final URLs.

opps. Sorry… I figured it out by myself

It was already changed in 9.0rc

There was a discussion internally that while we didn’t want to pull the plug on slack entirely, we definitely wanted to drive traffic to the forums and NOT to slack. Removing the page that promotes it from our site was likely an intended goal.

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Got it.
I understand it is hard to make a call.

IMO, I still think that the Slack adds additional dimension to the community.

I think some people feel a bit intimidated to post to the forum.

Slack is a good stepping stone. If we have a slack, we can help new comers to direct them to this forum and encourage them to post.