[Solved] Contact form templates

Hello, i’m trying to make a contact form template, why the same workflow as i do usually for other blocks, but this one do not load the template in the block template list (design block & template)

i made the template (as usual) in application/blocks/form/templates/mytemplate.php

the search fields (doc and forum) does not return any result on my browser (firefox90 on arch linux)

is some one have an idea i’ll read it carefully ^^

You’ve mentioned the path to provide a custom template for the ‘Legacy’ form block.
The V8 form is actually an Express form, so its handle is express_form.
So the path would be /application/blocks/express_form/templates/mytemplate.php
Have you got the blocks mixed up perhaps?

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ok, thanks a lot :slight_smile: i’ll check.