[solved] I've tried many things, but can't get another theme working

Things I’ve tried:

Downloading a theme zip file and adding it to:

  • ./concrete/themes;
  • ./packages;
  • ./application/themes.

When I place it into ./applications/themes, I get the following warning:

The theme file page_theme.php does not define the class Application\Theme\Stucco\PageTheme

When I add Stucco to /root/packages, and try to add functionality, I get a lot of problems and have to restore the entire site in my host (Siteground).

Any help would be appreciated. I’m using Concrete5 8.5.5.

Only ever add marketplace themes in ./packages. Anywhere else will break your site.

Upload the zip into that directory, unzip and then go to the dashboard extend:install page to install the package.

Then go to the themes page in the dashboard and activate the theme.

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OK JohnthFish. It finally worked out. Thanks for your help.