[Solved] Less_Parser not found, trying to fork Feature block

Hi guys, i’m trying to fork the feature block to add a button, link, possibility to open in new window and so on.

i’ve got a little issue:

    Class 'Application\Block\MyBlock\Less_Parser' not found

in controller it seem to come form the getIconClasses()

    protected function getIconClasses()
            $iconLessFile = DIR_BASE_CORE . '/css/build/vendor/font-awesome/variables.less';
            $icons = array();
            $l = new Less_Parser();
            $parser = $l->parseFile($iconLessFile, false, true);
            $rules = $parser->rules;
            foreach ($rules as $rule) {
                if ($rule instanceof Less_Tree_Rule) {
                    if (strpos($rule->name, '@fa-var') === 0) {
                        $name = str_replace('@fa-var-', '', $rule->name);
                        $icons[] = $name;
            return $icons;

i’m not shure to understand why it does not find the less file.

is someone had forked this block or had this kind of error ?

cheers :slight_smile:

ok it’s just i was forgotten the less parser includes …

    use Less_Parser;
    use Less_Tree_Rule;