Splash Page

Hello all, so I am building website #2 with Concrete. The community was great and supportive through the first build with the few issues I had, and as a result I want to help it grow.

It may be back burner for a short time, but I wanted to get something up for the URL we just purchased.

I installed the site, and set it for admin only access, but I would like to have a splash page for under construction message. I create the page, but I cannot see how to set it so that people see the splash page instead of the administrator login. I tried searching documentation, and even asking AI. It seems that maybe it was written for a previous version of the cms and some wording is changed, or maybe I am lost and my brain wants it to be a weekend. On page permissions I did set it to guest.
Using latest release of concrete.

I think you should put the website in maintenance mode. You can set permissions allowing certain users to still view the website when in maintenance mode. And you can override the maintenance mode single page to show whatever you want.

Also the Super User might be authorized to see the website by default even in maintenance mode but you’ll have to check.

Another strategy might be to make the home page the splash page, and then permission down the pages beneath it to administrators only for the View permission.

Then you can work on the home page but not publish it live, just save it. That way your live version would be your splash page, and then when you’re ready to launch, you can publish the latest home page version and add the guest user to the view permissions for the pages underneath it.

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