Split (left/right) Navigation with Logo in middle

A client wants navigation like https://www.tecovas.com/. It seems easy enough… divide the header area up into 3 sections, probably use Mega Menu for both menus, and simply put the logo in the middle. My chief concern would be how this would flesh out from a mobile perspective if 2 menus were included. I obviously don’t want 2 “hamburgers” when it goes responsive.

Why not simply do it as in the example you provided?
They actually have 3 menus. The 2 you see on large screens, and the third one is a complete menu with all the links that appears from the side when clicking on the hamburger on small screens.

These 3 menus are simply hidden and displayed as needed using CSS and media queries.


Have just done this exact thing on this site www.houseofhazelwood.com using Nestable Manual Nav - Concrete CMS

I use the normal autonav for the mobile and then use the nestable nav for all the other menus. It worked very well.