Square payments

I have had a client ask about supporting Square payments for the Community Store. Is this possible, has anyone built an add-on for this?


Ryan @mesuva has done some work with me using square on another project so might be worth talking to him.

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Thanks Tim I will send this onto @mesuva

Hey Martyn, got your message, but the messaging platform isn’t letting me respond, thinking it’s spam, so I’ll reply here.

There is a payment method for Square already out there, it’s just not one that I wrote myself, and I don’t think it’s being maintained as such.

What I do know is that it does work, as it wasn’t that long ago I helped someone troubleshoot with it on a live site.

Just note though that there is an outstanding pull request I made on the git repo, which fixes an issue: https://github.com/Babinsky/community_store_square/pull/4
You would definitely want to apply that fix if you were going to use this add-on.

What I don’t know though is how out of date this add-on is in terms of the options that Square offers.

The work that Tim mentions where we’ve used Square, it was for a custom online app, not Concrete related. As that was a fully custom build, I was able to enable things like Google and Apple Pay, using the latest integration methods available with Square.

As this Community Store payment method was written quite a few years ago, I suspect it’s using an older integration method, one that probably only supports normal credit card payments. So depending on your needs, it might be fine, or it might need to be scrapped and re-written with more modern code.

Take a look, and let me know your thoughts.
Feel free to email me at ryan@mesuva.co.uk

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I think you are right I struggled with the messaging platform.

Thanks for your reply I will check out the GitHub and def. apply your PR. I will happily let you know what I find.

my email is martyn@fagansystems.co.uk

Hi @mesuva,

When you say you’re struggling with the messaging system, are you talking about the community.concretecms.com DM system?

Yep, I simply couldn’t send what I wanted to because it was being flagged as spam.
The content was effectively my post above with the github link in it.

Babinsky’s add on no longer works as the version of the API (square/connect) he used is now disabled. I’ve updated to v24 of the Square API (square/square) and submitted a pull request. to the original repository. Hasn’t been updated in 6 years so not sure if it will be accepted. If not you can find my version here:

Testing so far is extremely limited.