Stacks wrapped in div

Hey all,

I recently started to use Concrete5/Concrete cms, so still figuring stuff out.
Anyway, i wanted to create a global block, this could be hero image, usp list or whatever. The goal is that this block would be the same site-wide any changes made to it, would also be site-wide.
So i tried to use stacks, but whenever i insert a block type “hero image”, the block isn’t set to the full width of the page because its wrapped in a div “container”. Which has a max width.

Does anyone know where i can find this file thats wrapping stacks in divs? With the huge amount of files, its pretty hard to find anything without knowing where to look.

Any help is appreciated!

In the Block Design option on the edit menu, you can override the theme grid wrapper and disable it.

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Wow thanks! Totally missed that option.

You should mark JohntheFish’s answer as a ‘Solution’ for other members who might have the same or a similar question.

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Oh sure thing! Sorry didn’t knew that was possible.

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I also missed it, Thanks for your opinion. :slightly_smiling_face:

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