Stepping through all of the 9.2.x updates one-at-a-time

This isn’t anything specifically broken, I’m just finding that it’s wasting my time. In the v9.2.x updates, I seem to have to step through them one-at-a-time, like I can’t just go 9.1.3 to 9.2.8 - I have to 9.2.2 then 9.2.3 then 9.2.4, etc.

Anyone else noticed this? I run over 100 ConcreteCMS sites and this is already really annoying.

I haven’t had to do this with any V9 sites so far, I’ve been able to do things like upgrade to the latest V8, and then directly to the latest V9.

What happens when you don’t do it version by version?

Same here, I have always updated directly to the latest. I always use the CLI and replace the /concrete directory method. Maybe the in-dashboard update is not quite the same.

Dashboard updates are funky. The update info for each version is there, but you’re forced to download and update one version at a time. In my case (9.2.4) it said 9.2.7 was available, but there was only a 9.2.5 download button.

Yes, funky is a good word for it. It seems to me that in v8 the Dashboard-based update was happy to skip version but for some reason in v9 it’s requiring the step-through of each version that’s available.

I’ve upgraded a few 8.5.14 sites to 9.2.7 directly of late, and the only issue I have had is where some of the OAuth tables were originally created on an older mysql server that doesn’t support utf8mb4. This can lead to an exception. I usually run an update SQL on those first to force them to be utf8mb4, but other than that it’s remarkably uninteresting watching the rest of the upgrade work its way through. For the record I’m using the CLI as described by JohnTheFish earlier in this thread.

Yeah, I think I’ll skip the downloading of the update via the dashboard in the future. I’ll just upload the latest to the /updates/ directory and run the process in the dashboard. Too bad, used to be quick and easy.