Strange HTTP ERROR 500

I was editing a site running on Core Version - 9.2.4 and all was fine. Suddenly and for no reason, any page i tried to view was blank with ’ This page isn’t working (domainname) is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500

I can login and navigate the whole backend no problem but cannot fix the error despite clearing cache and rebuilding index etc, etc.
Im going to have to restore from backup but was interested to know if anyhow else has ever seen this so future problems can be avoided?

Found the problem. I enabled ‘display_errors’ in MultiPHP INI Editor and the broken pages show a memory limit error. I increased the memory limit to 500M and the site came back. i then reduced it back to 256M and the site still works. Not sure what happed but hey it works!

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At a guess, you may have a few large images that take a lot of memory when generating thumbnails. Once that’s done the memory requirements are lower, so that might explain it. If you feel like finding out, try clearing the cache and clear cached thumbnails and see what happens.