Sub menu or lack of

Debian linux 10, Ispconfig 3, C5 9.01

Love the new theme, but it has some issues.

  1. I am experiencing when i load a admin menu page nearly everytime it states “Error”, which as we speak isnt happening. I have run rasts to clear cache, generate images etc. now its not doing it.
  2. next issue is with adding a new page layout. its all the way to the left, i have to inspect the element "
    and set the “#ccm-inline-toolbar-container” left:0; to something like 500px, so it is viewable.
  3. The new menu, i cannot get it to display sub>sub menu’s… home->level1->level2 how do i get the menu to display level 2 menu’s???
  4. The custom CSS, is also flawed. will not allow me to save them. no save button, just a X to close. So, my only option currently is to put CSS inline with the html.
    Apart from that, im liking it. maybe more grips, but cant remember them, these are biggies currently and a pain in the ass.


An edit to above…

  1. states error… undefined and is again happening, also not a php error, as tailing error.log and nothing is displayed…
  2. found the css that needs fixing, it default sets the left to -356 as below

      this is everytime.
      adding another niggle.
    • when page is set to right column, add a new page layout, the create layout ribbon is off the screen completely. Only way to create the content is singel page, add / change layout and then set page to right or left column.