Submenu not listed


I performed concrete5 upgrade some weeks ago. Since this upgrade I have an issue with the menu displayed on the left side :

Submenu are no more listed in the german version (except the submenu for “Gallery” menu). No proble with the submenu in the french version.

I’m not aware with concrete5 and the colleague who developped that website for me some years ago is no more available.

To be honest, I tried to find a solution but I’m unable to fix that point.

I would be very happy having any help or advice to fix that problem ASAP :-).


Cheers, Fabien

Sorry to bring this question on the top but I’m really blocked.

Any suggestion or findings :blush: ?

Cheers, Fabien

You can check the edit settings and block template of the navigation block in the relevant global area. Use the dashboard global areas page.

There could be language specific variants of the global area for FR/DE. These are ‘hidden’ behind a dropdown at the end of the breadcrumb in the dashboard navigation to edit the global area.

Differences in the settings between FR and DE would account for the different behaviours of the navigation.