Suggestion: add OpenStreetMap block to v9 core

It would be nice to have OpenStreetMap block in v9 core because instead Google maps it’s free and GDPR compliant. What do you think about this idea?

I love the idea!!

OpenStreetMap is great

It’s a nice idea, and there’s some great ways to implement it, but there’s a broader issue to do with actually serving the map tiles themselves.

OpenStreetMap doesn’t actually offer its tiles (i.e. bandwidth) as a service for regular websites. It’s intended just for development, work on OpenStreetMap data itself, testing, etc, not for serving maps publicly. People abuse this, so you might often see openstreetmap embeds over the web, but when you read their terms of service, you’re not supposed to be using it that way.

Instead, the idea is that OpenStreetMap is the data source, where you can do things like fetch titles and serve them yourself, or download all the data and process it however you needed. They provide the data for you to set up your own tile server (not easy).

Alternatively, there are tile severs across the web, some with a fee.

I’d recommend looking at, if you want to get away from Google. Quite generous free pricing, and a bit simpler to manage than Google. Mapbox effectively is a tileserver for OpenStreetMap data I believe.

That being said, I’m quite happy to be wrong about what I’ve said - things may have changed in the last few years, and maybe OpenStreetMap is more ok with embedding directly, something to investigate at least.

There are many map addons in the marketplace for alternate map services including Open Street Map. Many are free.

There are lot of providers with free usage. I think it’s perfect for a small business website. Leaflet and Leaflet providers extensions to connect with somes providers seems the good solution.

There are, but the last time I checked there wasn’t a particular ‘go-to’ option, they all seemed a bit unique. I’d love to find one for small to medium usage.

I think it comes back to what is appropriate for the core. As John has said, there’s lots of maps in the marketplace.

(but I don’t disagree with your thinking, I’m not a big fan of Google’s mapping, having had to use it a lot!)

Interesting idea - you should make a feature request issue for it here: