Suggestions UX marketplace

I would like to suggest a few things to increase the UX on the marketplace. Right now the main outlet for new users to extend their concrete installation is just in a poor state. so i would like to suggest a few ways to improve this.

  • Please add a v9 ready filter, i mean its been out for 10 months it should really be there
  • Give users a way to signal if a “not v9 ready” addon does work on v9 (for example MrKDilkington - Add and Remove Classes and IDs works on v9 but is flagged as not ready)
  • Streamline the use of multisite licensing, there should be no reason why a free addon should not work on multisites because only a standard license is given out…

I know this is not as easy as it sounds but it would make the marketplace a lot easier to use and a lot smoother to adopt concrete as their main platform


Hi @xb385
Thank you for your UX suggestions. I’ve added your tasks about the filtering and multisite ux enhancements to engineering. One of us will follow up in the upcoming weeks.

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Hi @xb385 -

Just wanted to let you know that the v9-ready filter is available on the marketplace now :+1:

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I seem to be losing the filtering with pagination. “concreteVersion” query string gets stripped

Edit: Can manually append query and it appears to work

Whilst the v9 filter is definitely a necessary concept. something is definitely wrong.

Enter the v9 filter. No other filter settings.

  1. First page, all v9 ready
  2. Second page, repeats some items of the first mixed with all kinds of non-v9 abandoned stuff.
  3. By the third page, top item is Pro-blog, end of life, download disabled and hasn’t worked since early v7 !

The ‘popularity’ scoring of the marketplace listing is fundamentally flawed. Apart from a few very fine exceptions such as designer content, popularity its spammed with unsupported free stuff that doesn’t work. I suspect it is reinforced by a positive feedback loop of users downloading stuff because its free, even if it hasn’t worked for years. That gives a broken addon another ‘download point’ which makes it more popular, which leads to more downloads of free but broken… and on it goes, with old but free rubbish growing progressively more popular in the ratings.

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Also, it seems that “9.0+”/“8.x.x” filter look only at the minimum version of Concrete of latest added package version. But it should look at full history of “requirements”.

“9.0+” filter will find Grand Gallery/Simple Gallery addons on the first page, “8.x.x” will not.
Both latest versions of these addons are set to 9+ only (I don’t mind having separate branches for 8/9).
But there are still versions of 1.0.9 and 1.6.1 available on marketplace, that work perfectly fine with Concrete8 (they are bug-free and functionality-wise are “almost” the same).

Thanks for the feedback, all. We will address these concerns on another pass on the filter.

Thanks @enlil you’re right; we need to ensure the pagination links keep the concreteVersion parameter. I’ve made a ticket to get that fixed.

That’s a good point @Parasek . I’ve made a ticket to fix that behavior. That’s a clear example of how the version filters could be better.

@JohntheFish do you see this if you append the concreteVersion parameter? It seems like what you are observing is a byproduct of losing that parameter on page 2, but if you manually add it back, it doesn’t seem to return those types of results on the subsequent pages.

@Myq, I think there are 2 things going on here. The concreteVersion parameter as you describe, followed by a completely out-of-touch with reality sort order for ‘Most Popular’.

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@xb385 if you install a free add-on on a multisite installation, it installs it for all of the sites. There’s no option for a multisite license for free add-ons because they have to restrictions already.

If you’ve had a different experience for #3, please let me know the steps to reproduce it.

@Myq, @EvanCooper, Any progress on getting at least the pagination fixed?