Swapping file

There is no visual feedback to the user, when swapping a file in the file manager when uploading a new file.

Concrete Version

Core Version - 9.1.1
Version Installed - 9.1.1
Database Version - 20220516191423

Hi Nick!

I can recreate that - I’m seeing when you first open the swap modal it doesn’t have the “click or drag a file here” box. If you click between the tabs, it does appear. When I upload a file, it appears to upload but the file in the file detail screen doesn’t seem to update. It does when. you refresh the page though.

So I think those things would be worth documenting in an issue - here’s the link where to do that - thanks!

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Hi Evan, done! https://github.com/concretecms/concretecms/issues/10760

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Sadly, this still appears to be an issue in the most current version V9.1.2vRC1