Tasks left in legacy

Hey guys. You left the whole tasks section of the devs docs in the legacy documentation when it clearly belong in the v9 documentation.

I think that sections exists in the new docs section, consolidated into a single page - does that sound right for you?

Hi Evan. Thank you for this. As to whether it sounds right to me, yes but…

Earlier when I was on the v8 documentation looking at tasks and I used the dropdown to switch to v9 I got an error 404. I see that has now been fixed.

The second issue is I thought Franz mentioned an easier and better navigation system. Having a section titled “Probing further” with plenty of unrelated stuff under it is not ideal. As a result I didn’t even see Tasks were there when I first looked.

I long for the day of 5.6 where the Toc was fully in sight, and we knew exactly where to go. I don’t understand why we can’t get a TOC page with all the headings and all the parts and sub-parts clearly visible.

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