Test site, full index seems to break viewing express entries

So I’m restoring from backups here as I can’t really wait around to figure out what’s going on here, but…

I have a dev site where I’ve been building a whole lot of stuff on it to eventually move to prod kind of deal.

I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s a huge website really or huge set of express entries, but I was trying to search in the Dashboard section for Express Entries for an object with I think like 20-30ish entries. And it wasn’t quite turning up results. I don’t have any automated jobs running, so I figured I’d go run the “Index Search Engine - All” task as maybe that could help.

Now when I go to view Entries for this object it failed, saying php didn’t have enough memory allowed. I increased memory_limit more and more, same thing, eventually set it to “-1” since this is dev.

Now, it uses all 2GB of RAM and 1GB of swap on the system and eventually falls on its face. And I can’t see a way to “undo” what I’ve done. So I restored from backup (yay for backups!).

The thing is I’m concerned about seeing this behaviour exhibiting in prod someday, where I do have the jobs running regularly, and I honestly don’t know what I can do in this scenario.

My google-fu has not turned up anything. Does anyone have any idea what this is all about?

Actually I turned it back on before restoring, and tested. This issue seems to only be tied to maybe just one Express Object (I have like 20-ish Express Objects currently).

Yeah it looks like other Express Objects are not problematic, just this one. And when I go to the “Customize Search/Listing” part, and de-select things to search for, then hit save… it reloads the page with those selected anyways, not reflecting the change I Just made…

What’s going on here??? D:

When I enable “This entity supports custom display ordering via Dashboard interfaces.” for this Express Object, and go to “Re-Order Entries” I can actually see entries…

It seems something about the index for this Express Object is broken…

Okay so after enabling “Re-Order Entries”, and I also just for kicks re-ordered an entry and hit save… the affected Express Object now saves changes to “Customize Search/Listing” as to which Columns are on/off, and… I can go to view the entries now in the same dashboard section…
I am quite confused D:

Yeah I can’t seem to get the indexing issue to happen again now… I am both concerned, and relieved. D: Hopefully this thread helps an future human haha

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