The linter still requires to support PHP5.6?

When I develop a package for v9+ only, I think I can expect a system is running on 7.3+.
However, the automatic linter still alerts ?? operator or some type hints.

I’ll bump it for visibility. Was going to make the same topic soon since I tried to use coalescing operator in 9.0 addons. Would be nice to use some modern php in marketplace.

Almost every marketplace submission now needs to be granted exemptions to get round the limitations of the linter. It definitely needs some attention.

For actual submissions, you can place whatever php version requirements you like on a package, as long as you clearly state such requirements in the marketplace page and test and confirm php version compatibility in a pre install check. So at least that much of the package controller must run with the minimum php version supported by the core version you are targeting.

For example, a package targeting v8.5+ can require php7.4 to install, but the test for that requirement must be capable of running under php5.6, so a rejected/failed install cannot break an antiquated site or server.

When the linter fails checks for a marketplace submission because it can’t handle a php version or 3rd party library, please state clearly in the prb thread your analysis of such for each check failed. We need that to grant an exemption from the tests. Its all part of the principle “Make the reviewer’s job easy”

Hmm. This makes sense. So at least we should keep the package controller compatible with php5.6, right?

Yes. Many developers have any complex install code in separate classes and just enough in the controller to run the check and then either complain or load the actual install code.