The new accordion block, editing the CKEditor

Hey all!

I am currently editing the accordion block by adding extra input fields/options.
However, one thing what i cant seem to figure out is how the CKEditor is initialized.

I would like to add extra formats like: h4, h5 and h6 . But i cant find any config options.

Can anyone else help me out?


A shameless plug here, you can do all sorts of stuff with accordions in Magic Tabs.

Hi, sorry forgot to mention this in my previous message.

The final custom block wont be an accordion one, it would be columns with a heading, html text editor and button.

But i really like the sortable list that the accordion block is using, so thats why i used the accordion one as a template. Mainly because of the list.

Still wondering if anyone has an idea on how to fix/add this. So far i saw a comment/post that stated: these changes has to be made in the site.php file. But that didnt work.

In application/config/generated_overrides/site.php, I had “h5” and it’s ok for me (v9.02) :

`return [
    'sites' => [
        'default' => [
            'editor' => [
                'ckeditor4' => [
                    'custom_config_options' => [
                        'format_tags' => 'p;h2;h3;h5',

For personnal blocks, i had to limitated functionnality, I make it like this :

$editor = \Core::make('editor');
echo  $editor->outputEditorWithOptions('texte[]', array(), $texte);

Hope it helps.

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Hey Bruno, thanks for the tips! I’ll look into it!

Accordion block in Elemental v. 9: my ckeditor is properly initialised, but wont read my ThemeEditorClasses.

But the content block, my ThemeEditorClasses are working fine. Why would that be? Thanks for a hint.

Unfortunately i wont be of much help since i am still pretty new to Concrete.

But perhaps with this bump someone else might find your question and has a solution for it.