Update Elemental Clone from v8.5.5 to 9.0.2, php8


I had a webdesigner doing our website a while ago. She used Elemental Clone with version 8.5 without skins.

Now I updated my site to 9.02 and most of things run well and fast with php8. But several blocks do not work.

Image, Accordion, Slider, Feature, FAQ, Form and many more. All throwing a long list of errors.

I wonder why?

All I could manage to fix is the autonav block where I had to change fontawesome name and font weight.
I also tried to adjust our site to atomik theme but that won’t work and is too complicated.

To all other unusable blocks I have no idea why they are not working.

Does anybody in this forum know? I guess it could be just a small thing.

Or is there a tutorial on how to adjust an elemental clone to version 9.0.2?

Thanky you very much.

The big difference is that v8 was bootstrap3 and v9 is bootstrap5.

v9.0.2 is not fully php8 compatible. (v9.0.3 will be closer). In the meantime, try switching to php7.4.

Then rather than updating your Elemental clone from v8, you may find it easier to create a new clone from the v9 version of Elemental.

You could also consider using the Replica Pro theme which is now available for v9 and began as an Elemental compatible theme for v8.

Already modified 5 or more clonemental pages from 8.5.x to 9.0.x. Overall, it is not very difficult. I used files from the elemental template provided in version 9 (e.g. page_theme.php, header, footer elements, main.js and some others). And for the blocks to work well, boostrap 3 needs to be changed to 5 (bootstrap-modified.css file in elemental). In my case, I just downloaded the file from the boostrap website and added a few modifications. Later in page_theme.php I also changed the Grid Framework to Boostrap 5. Now everything works fine (blocks, grids layout etc), even on php 8 I didn’t find many problems with basic block use. I haven’t tested everything 100% yet, but at the moment everything works fine for me after making the changes.

Many thanks @lukasznillo @JohntheFish for providing help. This is great! My new v.9 Elemental clone works. I even tried with an atomik clone and added a «shim» as @JohntheFish suggests in another thread. That works too.
In some blocks the wysiwyg editor behaves strange. My classes added in pagetheme do not work. Any idea? Has it anything to do with bootstrap?

The array returned by getThemeEditorClasses() can be a bit finicky. One skewed entry and the whole lot fails.

I usually do a print_r on my array and on a known good array and compare the dumped output.

I double checked, no errors in my pagetheme. Content block etc. work fine. It is only the accordion block where getThemeEditorClasses() don’t work.
same here @zoeDC in a related post:

I seem to remember some stuff on GitHub about the accordion block. Try searching back through the last few months of GitHub for issues.

Thanks @JohntheFish, but I could not find anything in Github. Whatever causes ckeditor not to work, I hope it will be fixed in 9.03. Everthing else runs smooth. Like @lukasznillo I’m not able to check all blocks.