The roadmap of v8 (8.5.8?) release?

We are in the middle of planning upgrades for all of our clients’ v8 sites.

What is the current release schedule of v8 ?

8.5.8 is planning to be release soon?
or 8.5.8 is scheduled to be released by the end of Dec if no major security issues?

We, Macareux team (formally Concrete5 Japan), just wondered
after we’ve seeing this post.

If 8.5.8 is scheduled to be released in near future, we would like to upgrade to the last version of v8 prior to upgrading to v9.

If it’s like at the end of this year, then we will start planning V9 upgrade.


Hi @katz515 Good Questions; I’ll make sure the team looks at this thread when everyone gets back from the holiday weekend!

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Thanks for the good question, @katz515 – yes, we are planning on releasing 8.5.8 on Monday, June 20. I have it on the release calendar.

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@andrew Thx! Andrew!
We were just wondering.