The usual reasons for a package failing on one site and not failing on another

(This was a post in the old forums, copied here for convenience)

The usual reasons for a package failing on one site and not failing on another:

  • Assumptions made about the site being installed in the web root, or a sub-directory of the web root
  • Incorrect character sets in the database or php
  • Case sensitivity
  • Assumptions about equivalence of null/0/false/"" and 1/true/“string”/not-null fail when run on a strict MySQL database
  • Developer has got to current state through an evolution of updates during development and is not testing a fresh install
  • Assumptions about core versions
  • Php extensions required
  • Site settings required that are not automated by the package install or documented
  • Namespace pollution in php, css or javascript conflicting with packages the developer does not have installed
  • Assumptions made about the uniqueness of bID. There are several solutions that can be found on the forums. For an easy example, look at the core Google Maps block.
  • Failure to test things like copy/paste and adding the block to a stack.

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I am sure there are more. This is just a quick brain-dump.

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Thanks for reviving this list. Maybe this topic will become a kind of checklist for package troubleshooting.