Themes are Blank in Concrete5 (Can't Install)

Hi all!

I unfortunately just can’t seem to get downloaded themes working for my site. I’ve got the zips from the Marketplace, and I’ve uploaded and extracted them in the /packages folder.

When I go to the Themes page for my site, the themes are shown as (No Name) (No Description). See the screenshot below of what I mean. I can activate them, but nothing changes. My site just loads a blank page. The one theme I installed before did work, so I’m not sure why the latest ones are blank.

Is there something wrong in the folders or am I installing them incorrectly? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

You need to unzip the theme package into the /packages folder, then install the package.

Hey! I have (as shown in the below image) already unzipped them there. That’s when they became available to install on the Themes page. But they’ve been blank unfortunately. Any idea what could’ve gone wrong?

Hi there,

All themes have a minimum version requirement, are you running a compatible version of ConcreteCMS for the theme you are installing?

Please see below. It appears I’m using 8.5.5. It’s a recent install. Is that good enough?

If you go to dashboard/extend/install do you see them installed or waiting?
If waiting, install them and then go to Themes and activate.

What does the directory structure of the three extracted folders look like inside them??

You’re a star! That was the part I hadn’t done. Thank you very much. The theme I wanted to install had an “object is a special class name” error. So, it refused to install properly. Does that mean it’s just old and incompatible with the latest version of Concrete5?

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Its not compatible with PHP 7, that is why your seeing the error.

Ah, that makes sense. No way around that, right? I should just find themes that have been updated more recently.

What Theme are we talking about?

This one: Supermint 3 - concrete5.

Find the ThemeSupermintOptions.php file in the theme_supermint/src/Models folder and on lines 7 and 25 change Object to ConcreteObject and see if that helps.

Did you manage to install the Supermint Theme after modifying that file?

Hey! Thanks so much for the suggestion. It actually did get the error to go away, but tons more other errors appeared during the install. I just switched to a different theme, which installed flawlessly. I appreciate your help!

If you read the reviews and the ‘Get Help’ posts (links from marketplace page) , Supermint has been broken and unsupported since before Concrete v8.

Ah, great. That settles that then. I’ve had success with the other theme (Profolio) at least. Thanks very much!

Actually, Supermint and all of @sebastienj themes have been transferred to the community Github group under an MIT license and anybody is free to offer pull requests to fix it.

You can find it here: GitHub - concrete5-community/theme_supermint: Theme Supermint for Concrete5.7

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Hmmm, version 3.4+ are reported to work with Concrete v.8+, but it sounds like the problem is with PHP 7.x incompatabilities.

It also looks like the MIT licensed copy in GitHub might be missing the 3.4+ changes (or maybe they are part of this pull request.

I can update the Marketplace listing to warn about the PHP 7 incompatabliity. @mnakalay do you happen to know if there’s much community need or demand to bring this theme up to date?

If not, maybe we sholud disable it in the Marketplace. It’s not fun to download themes which are not going to work out of the box.

This has always been a very well-loved theme ever since 5.6 @Myq
Recently the original dev accepted to change the license to MIT and transfer it over the concrete5-community organization started by @mlocati

The idea was that, as new pull requests would fix issues, I would update the marketplace page.

I see no problem in disabling downloads or adding a warning until it’s updated. And if that happens, as an admin, I can update the market page.