There is now way to DM people in the forums

What the title say, unless I am being thick, I can’t see a way to DM people in the forums.

My mistake, I looks like you can by hitting the FLAG icon on a persons post and messaging them.

Hi @TMDesigns - correct, we are trying to encourage folks to do all DM’s through the DM system through profiles so that is why DM’s have been disabled in the forums. I think that should be fully disabled now.

Ok, so how would I then DM you from this post? I presume I have to go to the main site and search for you username? Seems a bit clumpy

Can we get a link to Private Message another user through Profiles, right in the popup we get when clicking a user image, like right here on this page for instance? That would be ideal!

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Good suggestions. I’ll put in a ticket for it, but no guarantees…

Any luck with this feature? While it’s non-existent just how does a member initiate a private message?

Here is a hack that worked for me.
Copy the Users Username.
Go to
Paste the Users Username into the ‘Search Members’ box, Click Search.
Click ‘Contact User’