Thumbnail Editor is Blank

Hi Folks

This is my first install with V9, all is going well apart from the editing of thumbnails. I went to adjust one earlier and when I click on Edit Thumbnail the editor just opens up a blank window. Any ideas?


It looks like it’s an existing bug that hasn’t been fixed yet: [9.0.2] Edit Thumbnail not working · Issue #10290 · concrete5/concrete5 · GitHub

Ok thanks for the reply.

This still seems to be a bug in 9.1.3 - I’m struggling to see why it is not causing more problems for people.

Is everyone unable to edit thumbnails in Concrete CMS Version 9 or are there just a fewer us how have odd server configs or something else going on?

There are no errors to point to a solution - any clues how we might get this resolved?

Hi @katalysis yes that is the case for everyone currently regarding editing thumbnails - I see you’ve commented on the issue here so that’s the best way to lend your voice to the importance of that issue. Thanks!

Thanks @EvanCooper

Is it possible to get a brief summary of what needs to be done to get the thumbnail editor working?

@katalysis Since it looks like the functionality is in a TO DO state waiting to be reinstated, it honestly could be a lot or a little - the unintentionally cheeky answer would be analyzing what the image editor in the File Manager is doing with Toast and somehow implementing that for the thumbnail editor interface. But that’s a pretty broad statement, obviously.

@katalysis This is going to be fixed in the upcoming 9.2 release (see this commit: Merge pull request #11266 from aembler/fix-file-thumbnails · concretecms/concretecms@dcb85ad · GitHub). You should be able to test it in 9.2 release candidate: Concrete CMS 9.2.0RC1 Now Available!

Thanks @Myq this is good news - I’ll take a look.