Thumbnails in file manager too small, no preview popup (9.2.1)

Thumbnails in the file manager always show up as 41px x 41px images which is too small for me. In the settings, I have set thumbnails to full and enabled popup preview, but had no luck so far.

I’ve even set an override of concrete.php in application/config/
‘preview_image_size’ => ‘full’,
‘preview_image_popover’ => true,

I’m using GD library. PHP 8.2.

I have tried re-scanning files, regenerating thumbnails. But still there is no preview popup in the file manager, and thumbnails keep showing up with 41px x 41px.

I’m I missing something?

Thank you

Hello, I too can not understand why the thumbnail size is set to 41px, it’s far too small! I sorted this by editing the main.css file (concrete/themes/dashboard/main.css. Do a search for icon img and you will see the 41px, there are two of them. I changed them both to 100px and now the file manager looks much better. I am also aware that if I upgrade my version of Concrete this will be overwritten, but I can live with that! Hope this helps!

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