Top Edit bar is gone / dissapeared

I am using Concrete 8.5.9 for this site and PHP 7.4. The theme is “Fundamental”, On my home page, when I am logged in, the top edit bar never shows up. On other pages it almost always shows up, but I’ve reports from other editors that it doesn’t show up sometimes on other pages.
I’ve cleared my browser cache and used firefox and chrome (both up to date) and have cleared the site cache multiple times.

Changing themes also doesn’t seem to help.


check your browser console for errors. Often times this is caused by a javascript issue

Thanks. I should have added that in my original post I did check that and there were no errors (I expected there would be)

I don’t know what the root cause is to that, but I’ve had it happen to me every now and then all the way from Legacy C5 to the 8+. Usually, I am using Chrome. Typically just a refresh of the page brings it back and sometimes I clear cache and it works again.

Have you checked to make sure your theme/addon CSS isn’t somehow conflicting with the ConcreteCMS editor’s CSS wrapper?

What happens if you add index.php to the url? Change to ? Does the editor bar display?
It could be the authorization header gets striped with certain server configurations.

Good idea! Adding index.php to it does bring the top editor bar back for the home page. Hmm so next would be why and what to change? With other sites (same server) I don’t have this issue.

Okay stranger still.

  1. if I change to www with the start or www with index.php - the top edit bar is gone. It works without the www and with the index.php (but not without the index.php)
  2. I change themes and the page I see at mysite was the old - didn’t change with the theme

So I looked further and on the account I had NGINX Caching on. Seems like in these cases it was causing an issue.

I turned off and was good. I turned back on after clearing the cache and seems good, but this is the source.

Hope this helps someone else.

thanks everyone for your suggestions!