Top Navigation Bar Not Showing Child Dropdown

Quick Question.

I am using Concrete 9.2.8, but this issue has persisted for a while now.

I am using the Top Navigation Bar block.

I have “Include child pages in dropdown menus.” turned on.

Although the down arrow is showing next to the page link in the menu, nothing happens when I hover over the menu link. At one time, it worked properly. I could hover over the link in the menu and it would show a drop down of the child pages. But that feature has not worked for several updates.

The website is:

However, on site #2 ( it works properly. (Same version of Concrete.)

Any thoughts on why it would not work on one but work on another?


John D.

It looks like there is a javscript error on the site which may be preventing the JS from triggering the drop down. The last JS file being included: redirects to a login page at teh moment.

Resolving this may do the trick but would be the first place I would start looking at least.

Hope this gets you going the right direction!

Thanks! That was it!

I do not remember why I had tried to modify the main.js but I guess I did. I just now copied the main.js file from concrete/themes/atomik to application/themes/atomik/main.js and that solved my problem.

Thank you so much for your help!!

John D.

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Excellent! Glad to hear it worked out.


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