Topic filter not saving in Page List block

I have updated a site from V9.2.1 to V9.3.2 and the custom topic filter selection no longer sticks.
I select custom topic and select the required topic.
Save the block and the correct pages are displayed.
Save the page and topic filter is not working.
Go back to edit block and no topic is selected.


Database Information
Version: 10.6.18-MariaDB
SQL Mode:
Character Set: utf8mb4
Collation: utf8mb4_unicode_ci


I have tested this on some other dev sites.
V9.3.1 also does not save the custom topic filter in Page List block.

It does work on V9.2.8
I have also noted that the page list block does not work correctly if placed in a stack.

I have just checked GitHub and noted that it has been reported as a bug.

Looks like this has been reported on github:

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