TopNavigationBar - StickyMode not working

Hi all,

I use the Atomik Theme and want my TopNavigationBar stay fix at the top of the page. I assume the block-option “Enable sticky navigation bar on scroll if theme supports it.” is the right option.
But it dont works. The TopNavigationBar scrolls up, when scrolling the page.

Have I to do anything else?

Btw: I add some shaddow to the TopNavigationBlock. In edit-mode the shaddow is visible. But after saving it is gone. Dont know if this is related to the main problem…

Hi @trickler,

So when you’re in edit mode or have the edit bar, the navigation doesn’t scroll in Atomik - it only scrolls when you’re logged out / for guest users.

Try logging out / viewing it as a guest and see if it is sticky like you would expect.