Totally lost with Blog instance with the theme Atomik Design

I installed Concrete cms 9.1.1 with Atomik Design and click on “regenerate the instance” and I lost my initial content on my page Blog. I click on this button because it seems to refresh data. How to recreate a list of blog entries?

I try to Refresh and Regenerate my instance but my board is always empty.

@tacktack it looks like the default blog content have dates of 8/1/21 which is beyond the population interval of 365 days. Go to Dashboard > Boards > Data Sources and update days into the past to 500.

Next Go to
Dashboard > Boards > Instances > Instance Details and click refresh data pools in the upper right.

I’ll create a ticket about the sample content dates, thank you for posting this.

Thank you for your help. It works now but it seems to me that the problem comes from the cache.

FYI to anyone reading this this has been fixed in 9.1.2

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