Translation messed up

I have a strange multilingual issue. I’m running 9.2.3
On a couple items I accidently translated the English into French in the English side. Now the English comes up in the wrong language. I tried removing the term but it won’t let me put in an empty field. So I put in nonsense “BlahBlah” and then removed it using MySQL phpmyadmin. The term in no longer anyplace in the database and isn’t found in the translate app. I tried emptying cache but can’t get rid of it. Help please

Hi @baxterdmutt -

You might need to clear cache.

But if you changed it through the database, you might need to change it through the actual “Translate Site Interface” dashboard page, because I believe that writes to underlying .po files. So that’s locted here:

Well that hadn’t occurred to me. That makes sense. Thank you.