Trying to disable a site wide pop-up that appears when you first enter the site

A client has asked me to remove a pop-up that appears when you first enter their website.

Can you share a bit more info.
What is the nature of the pop-up?
What is the environment?
A URL for the site?

The site is - and there is a covid statement that pops up when you first hit the site that I need to switch off. The environment is as follows.

concrete5 Version

Core Version 8.1.0
Version Installed 8.1.0
Database Version 20170123000000

concrete5 Packages

ExchangeCore reCAPTCHA (1.1.1)

This could have been added in several ways, it’s impossible to tell without actually logging into the site and having a look.
It could be a block, it could be hard-coded in a page template in the theme, it could be in the app.php file…
Feel free to contact me by Private message if you’d like me to have a quick look at let you know how to disable it.

Looking at the source for the page, my first guess would be this is coded into the theme footer. There raw html and script are after the end of the page and just before the end of the body, so while an html block in the footer is possible, it is unlikely.

However, as @mnakaly has noted, there are many ways of implementing such and it is impossible to tell just by looking at the rendered page

Things you can check without writing code are:

  • In the dashboard, at dashboard/system/seo/codes, it could have been added as a Footer tracking code.

  • It could be a popup block. Check dashboard/blocks/types for a block that says something like popup or message in its title. While there also look for a block type that says script.

  • It could be a popup addon. Check dashboard/extend/install for an addon that says something like popup or message in its description. While there also look for an addon that says script.

dashboard/system/environment/info will provide a report of blocks and addons that may help further. Essentially a coded form of the pages listed above.

In all cases, don’t just blindly delete. The same or similar functionality could be integral to other aspects of your site.

Looking again at the scripts on the page, jquery.modal.min is loaded and called from the script immediately after the html for the popup.
Most developers would either do that in an addon or custom block, or code it into the theme.