Unable to start site

I have made no changes to my site since I last knew it was working (> 90 days ago).
Now when accessing www.simfra.com (home page) it is giving me this message: Whoops \ Exception \ ErrorException (E_WARNING)
require(/home/simfraco/public_html/cms/application/config/doctrine/proxies/__CG__ConcreteCoreEntitySiteSiteTree.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory.
The directory is indeed completely empty.
How can I reset?

If you have ssh access to your web server I’d run the c5:ent:refresh CLI command

Do generated entities time out like cache entries? If not, perhaps they should, so all entities get refreshed every 6 hours or so and also connected to cache clearing so entities are refreshed when the cache is cleared.

Warning! Be advised, this advise is from someone that doesn’t have a good understanding of how and why the doctrine/proxies files get created.

That being said, I have a sandbox server with a couple v9.02 default installs, Elemental and Atomik.

  1. Using the server’s file manager I renamed proxies to proxies.tmp, then created an new empty proxies folder
  2. I was able to create the same error
  3. I copied the contents of the the Atomic proxies folder to Elemental
  4. The Elemental site opened and seemed okay, but I can’t be 100% sure it wouldn’t be causing some other problem

If you don’t have shell access, maybe you can create a new default instance of Concrete on the same server, and copy the proxies files set.

I can send a copy of my files, but I’m assuming they would have server specific attributes, and have less chance of working.

I hope that helps, I know what it’s like when a site you’re administrating won’t run (Note, it wasn’t ConcreteCMS site)

I ran concrete/bin/concrete5 c5:entities:refresh.
Now the proxies directory has been populated with many __CG__ConcreteCoreEntity… files but not the …SiteSiteTree.php that’s still missing, causing the error that still occurs.
I notice in the code shown around the error that there appears to be an ‘autogenerate’ option of AUTOGENERATE_FILE_NOT_EXISTS - is it possible to set this somewhere? The code appears to find a value of AUTOGENERATE_NEVER.

Can v9.0.2 run okay on concrete.charset “UTF-8”?

The “Environment & details:” error created shows UTF-8.

You will get issues. You need a database configured for UTF-8 MB4