Unable to start site

I have made no changes to my site since I last knew it was working (> 90 days ago).
Now when accessing www.simfra.com (home page) it is giving me this message: Whoops \ Exception \ ErrorException (E_WARNING)
require(/home/simfraco/public_html/cms/application/config/doctrine/proxies/__CG__ConcreteCoreEntitySiteSiteTree.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory.
The directory is indeed completely empty.
How can I reset?

If you have ssh access to your web server I’d run the c5:ent:refresh CLI command

Do generated entities time out like cache entries? If not, perhaps they should, so all entities get refreshed every 6 hours or so and also connected to cache clearing so entities are refreshed when the cache is cleared.

Warning! Be advised, this advise is from someone that doesn’t have a good understanding of how and why the doctrine/proxies files get created.

That being said, I have a sandbox server with a couple v9.02 default installs, Elemental and Atomik.

  1. Using the server’s file manager I renamed proxies to proxies.tmp, then created an new empty proxies folder
  2. I was able to create the same error
  3. I copied the contents of the the Atomic proxies folder to Elemental
  4. The Elemental site opened and seemed okay, but I can’t be 100% sure it wouldn’t be causing some other problem

If you don’t have shell access, maybe you can create a new default instance of Concrete on the same server, and copy the proxies files set.

I can send a copy of my files, but I’m assuming they would have server specific attributes, and have less chance of working.

I hope that helps, I know what it’s like when a site you’re administrating won’t run (Note, it wasn’t ConcreteCMS site)

I ran concrete/bin/concrete5 c5:entities:refresh.
Now the proxies directory has been populated with many __CG__ConcreteCoreEntity… files but not the …SiteSiteTree.php that’s still missing, causing the error that still occurs.
I notice in the code shown around the error that there appears to be an ‘autogenerate’ option of AUTOGENERATE_FILE_NOT_EXISTS - is it possible to set this somewhere? The code appears to find a value of AUTOGENERATE_NEVER.

Can v9.0.2 run okay on concrete.charset “UTF-8”?

The “Environment & details:” error created shows UTF-8.

You will get issues. You need a database configured for UTF-8 MB4

Humm… just had a staging site lose all Doctrine proxies overnight. It was working when I went to bed and when I woke up, the application/config/doctrine/proxies folder was empty. How did that happen? Who knows. Garbage collection gone wild? Luckily, I had a recent proxies folder on my localhost that I uploaded and all seems to work fine. Question… why is the system so fragile as to completely crash if these are gone? Perhaps regenerate if they’re missing?

All of my doctrine/proxy/__CG__ConcreteCoreEntity files disappeared on updating from 9.2 to 9.3. I have a backup of these files on the server but can’t copy them into the proxies folder, either per sftp or provider webspace explorer access…