"Uncaught TypeError: $.concreteExpressEntryList is not a function" when writing Template for Express Entry List Block

I’m working on a Template for the Express Entry List Block, and for the Express Object I’m currently writing it for, it has a bunch of associations that I want to pull data from.

The Express Object is “Tournaments” and I’m trying to pull an Attribute from an Entry for the Express Object “Games” that is associated with a Tournament. “Tournaments” is also associated with another Express Object “Events”, as “Tournaments” are a part of “Events” logically. I am trying to learn the method to pull Attribute data from Associated Objects and their Entries.

When I try to use a method to pull an Attribute type Image, namely the URL of the Image so that I can slam it into an HTML tag, it WORKS however the browser Developer Console throws the error “Uncaught TypeError: $.concreteExpressEntryList is not a function” and this completely breaks the Concrete CMS control GUI (forget the proper term for this), and I can’t even save the page, or trigger the control GUI (dashboard? overlay?) to do anything until I zero-out the template and refresh the page (to trigger the code in the template to stop loading).

The method I’m using is:

“echo sprintf(’’, $item->getEntry()->getGames()->getGameThumbnail()->getRelativePath());”

I’m trying to create the Template for the Express Entry List Block to behave in similar vein to the demo of the Hair Dresser’s Salon, for the list of Staff Members in the demo video, but tailored for my own needs.

So far I cannot find any resources on this on google/online, and no solutions were posted on Slack. So I really need help figuring out what’s going on here. When I use this exact same method for the Express Entry Detail Block, it does not throw the issue to the browser’s Developer Console, and the webGUI for Concrete CMS continues to work. So I am stumped as to what is going wrong here.

echo sprintf('<img src="%s">', $item->getEntry()->getGames()->getGameThumbnail()->getRelativePath());

That is the actual code I was using, btw. I just noticed that the img HTML tag was removed (probably for good reasons) and I cannot edit the previous post. So yeah, if I could get help figuring out why this is brekaing that would be appreciated.

Does anyone know? I can’t even get a solution on Slack either :confused:

OMFG I was a 100% GOOMBA!

So get this. I was grabbing the view.php file from the DEV branch on github, and then modifying that. Which clearly is not the 8.5.x branch I was actually using in the website. GO ME. The Dev branch is selected by default on Github and I didn’t even realise! Switching to the 8.5.x branch, grabbed that view.php from github, and it did the trick! Yay!