Unconventional Installation Inquiry: Running Concrete CMS on a Raspberry Pi Cluster

I’m exploring an unusual scenario and was wondering if anyone has attempted to run Concrete CMS on a Raspberry Pi cluster? I understand this is quite an unconventional setup, but I’m curious if anyone has any insights or recommendations for this unique installation.

I guess it’s possible (I succeeded installing Concrete even on an Android phone with termux)

I don’t know about a cluster but the internet is full of articles about using an rpi as a server to host your website. Ubuntu, Apache, PHP, and mysql are easy to install and an rpi4 alone should be more than enough to run Concrete.

@mlocati please share why you actually even tried. I’m pretty sure it was out of curiosity but just in case it’s not, can you share please? :slight_smile:

Yep, I tried it just for fun :wink:

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