Undesired indexing for "forum"

Hey dudes, so there’s a page you probably want to adjust on how it looks to Google/SEO. Check it out…

Now, take a look at the intended “Forums” result that’s purple. That goes to here : Forums - concrete5

And that page is… useless or something? I dunno

Just thought you would want to know!

@BloodyIron That’s actually what’s left of the legacy forums. Still full of info. Some useful, some not. Could surely use some SEO magic though, as you say!

Yeah like @enlil mentioned that’s the archived forums, definitely some goodness in there to be had. But appreciate the heads up!

Oh I’m not saying do-away with the legacy forums at all! I reference them a lot! Plus there’s also room to improve the legacy forums as code blocks get cut off and other such things :wink:

I was more meaning that particular link takes me to a page that isn’t useful, and I wasn’t even trying to go to that particular part. More just SEO tuning is my recommendation/thoughts for the old forum or something, since it seems to be messing up the main non-legacy website results in this particular way :wink: