Undesired indexing for "forum"

Hey dudes, so there’s a page you probably want to adjust on how it looks to Google/SEO. Check it out…

Now, take a look at the intended “Forums” result that’s purple. That goes to here : Forums - concrete5

And that page is… useless or something? I dunno

Just thought you would want to know!

@BloodyIron That’s actually what’s left of the legacy forums. Still full of info. Some useful, some not. Could surely use some SEO magic though, as you say!

Yeah like @enlil mentioned that’s the archived forums, definitely some goodness in there to be had. But appreciate the heads up!

Oh I’m not saying do-away with the legacy forums at all! I reference them a lot! Plus there’s also room to improve the legacy forums as code blocks get cut off and other such things :wink:

I was more meaning that particular link takes me to a page that isn’t useful, and I wasn’t even trying to go to that particular part. More just SEO tuning is my recommendation/thoughts for the old forum or something, since it seems to be messing up the main non-legacy website results in this particular way :wink:

Hey not sure if work has been done to correct this or not, but just wanted to point out it is still happening.

In the screenshot below you will see the first sub-link suggested is for the Forums… HOWEVER it points to the archived URL (which you can see in the statusbar).

This really is what I’m talking about, and I think this will work against Concrete CMS’ long-term goals and warrants more effort for correction.

There’s another “Forums - concrete5” (concrete5 dot org/community/forums) link just below the site links, which leads to that same archived forums page. I think if we renamed that page “Legacy Forums” it would end up a bit more self explanatory regardless of how google deals with it…

Thanks for bringing this up, BloodyIron. It looks like there might be an issue with the indexing for the Forum page.